AVS City Centre

AVS City Centre

AVS City Centre - Your Premier Commercial Destination

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AVS City Centre offers a wonderful investment option in commercial space in Raj Nagar Extn. Ghaziabad. Whether you are a small investor, a trader, a manufacturer, or a big brand, your search for exclusive commercial space in Ghaziabad ends with the glorious City Centre. 

AVS City Centre is a premium commercial property situated in the prime location of Rajnagar Extension, Ghaziabad. With its luxurious and modern design, the property offers a range of upscale amenities and facilities, making it the perfect choice for businesses looking for a prestigious address. The property boasts spacious and well-designed office spaces, state-of-the-art infrastructure, ample parking facilities, and easy accessibility to major transportation hubs. Whether you are a startup looking for a professional workspace or an established company looking to expand, AVS City Centre provides the perfect setting for success and growth.

Spread across an area of 1.17 acres of land, the project is proposed to be further extended as well. Economically priced, City Centre gives a wonderful opportunity to even new entrepreneurs to start their businesses in a world-class setup. 100% power backup, round-the-clock security services, low-maintenance infrastructure, and availability of basic facilities like water supply and electricity at a pocket-friendly price are some of the USPs that tilt the scale in favour of City Centre and make it one of the most popular commercial venture in Ghaziabad.

The shops here have elegant interiors and offer bewitching views of the surroundings. Moreover, the prices here are very reasonable even for new businesses that can expect healthy returns with less investment. 100% power backup and 24 hr. security services further add to the lure of World Street

Reason to Buy AVS City Centre

I. Introduction

    A. Overview of AVS City Centre commercial property
    B. Purpose of the outline
II. Location
    A. Central location in a bustling area
    B. Proximity to major transportation hubs
    C. High footfall and visibility
III. Potential for Investment
    A. Steady rental income potential
    B. Value appreciation over time
    C. Secure investment option
IV. Amenity and Facilities
    A. Modern infrastructure and facilities
    B. Dedicated parking spaces
    C. 24/7 security
V. A Diverse Range of Businesses
    A. Variety of businesses operating in the complex
    B. Potential for networking and collaboration
    C. All-encompassing services for residents and visitors
VI. Growth Opportunities
    A. Access to a large customer base
    B. Potential for expansion and diversification
    C. Supportive environment for new businesses
VII. Conclusion
    A. Recap of key reasons to buy AVS City Centre commercial property
    B. Encouragement to consider investing in this prime location.

AVS City Centre Unit Details

AVS City Centre Location Advantage

The location of AVS City Centre commercial property offers several advantages such as :

1. Strategic Location : Situated in Rajnagar Extension, Ghaziabad, it enjoys good connectivity to major areas in the city.

2. Proximity to Residential Areas : Being located in a residential area, it attracts a large customer base from nearby neighborhoods.

3. Accessibility : Easy access to public transportation and major roads makes it convenient for customers and employees to reach the property.

4. Amenities : Surrounding amenities such as restaurants, banks, and shopping centers enhance the overall appeal of the location.

5. Business Opportunities : The thriving commercial environment in Rajnagar Extension provides ample business opportunities for tenants and investors in AVS City Centre.